Our Company

Our Company

Coming from a country that is known for the abundance in Sea Salt, Agrofeed is leading in the field of Salt Blocks, having happy costumers all over the world.

Choose from the variety of Agrofeed's standard line of Salt Blocks with the Minerals, Vitamins, Calcium, Phosphate or the innovative Ammonium Chloride Block.

Enchance your animal's diet with Agrofeed Blocks that come with the best cogesion in the market, water resistant composition that never fails apart.

Or make your own synthesis and Agrofeed can make it into a custom made Salt Block that fits exactly your needs.

Milk Replacers

Sheep/Goats, Calves/Cows, Chicken, Pig

Licking Blocks

Ideal products to meet the daily needs of the organism into useful components.

Raw Materials

The company you give to and serve the needs for feed materials such as amino acids Karofylli Red, Yellow Karofylli, Monasvestio phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, salt.